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Vardzia Cave Town

Posted on by Olesia

Hello all! Today, as promised, I will tell you about one of our biggest Georgian discoveries - Vardzia. Привет всем! Сегодня, как я и обещала, расскажу вам о нашем новом открытии в Грузии - городе в скалах - Вардзии. Vardzia is a very famous place in...

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Blizzard in N.Y.C.

Posted on by Mark Watson

The Weather Channel hopes that New York residents will not be shopping or attending a concert because of the cold-weather activity arising today and tonight. As of today, Delta Air Lines has canceled or delayed all flights to and from N.Y.; and WCCO-TV...

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Charlie: Le temps des hypocrites par José Fort

Posted on by BLOG-PCF-ARRAS

Après le massacre, l’émotion est immense. A un point tel que le tapis rouge est dressé pour les hypocrites de tous poils. Quelques exemples ? Cohn-Bendit s’insurge contre le coup porté « au droit à la critique » alors qu’en 2012 il qualifiait Charb et...

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ALERTE INFO Charlie Hebdo: Voici les 3 suspects

Posted on by wikistrike.com

Je suis Charlie, arrêtons-les !

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