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Cyber Crime: Beware of Hackers!

Posted on by Mark Watson

This post was reposted from C.O.N.F.R.O.N.T.

When Universal Pictures/Comcast opens Cyber in theaters during 2015, director and native Windy Citizen Michael Mann is about to be a cyberspace-related-crime crusader.

Only when Mann - with two lower-case Ns at the end - will not attack Chris Hemsworth in the ongoing fight against hacking.

But is cyber crime a fatal flaw in the law-enforcement space? (Make that cyberspace, Michael Mann!)

For online and mobile hackers, cyberspace crime means "trouble" for the IT industry.

Brian Roberts, chairman and C.E.O. of the Comcast Corporation, which has owned the venerable film studio and theme-park operator Universal since 2011, says millions of cyberspace criminals are harder to trace.

How do hackers get themselves arrest? Simple as "pi."

For Mann, a television writer, producer and director with his roots firmly planted in Illinois' Cook County - whose resume includes 20th Century Fox Film's 1990s adaptation of James Fennimore Cooper's enduring action/adventure masterpiece The Last of the Mohicans - Cyber is Legendary Entertainment's futuristic, in-your-face cyberspace thriller.

However, Legendary, in addition to Cyber, has its first co-production with Paramount Pictures, part of the Viacom family, will be Interstellar, hitting theaters later this year.

On the official website http://www.legendary-entertainment.com, filmgoers will experience Cyber for the first time - and, of course,I'm going behind the scenes of Hemsworth's latest big-screen appearance outside of his childhood homeland of Australia. Sort of Miami Vice meets Thief meets Crime Story meets The Jericho Mile meets cyberspace!

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